«Cabo Six» committed two more crimes in Shaquella´s crime

The Mexican journalist, fully proves that the “Cabo Six” would have committed two more crimes in Mexico, after the murder of Shanquella Robinson.


Los Cabos, Baja California Sur.- The photograph presented on the YouTube channel of Gerardo Zúñiga, according to the analysis prepared by the Mexican journalist, fully proves that the “Cabo Six” would have committed two more crimes in Mexico, after the murder of Shanquella Robinson, in the Linda 32 condominium of Cabo Villas. 

The first was to have altered the crime scene, after the victim was moved from the bedroom to the condominium living room. 

Shanquella Robinson, according to the video that went viral, would have been left sitting on the edge of the bed in the room, with a fracture of the spinal cord and a broken neck. 

Due to the type of injuries, the 25-year-old could no longer move from that place, dying, according to the autopsy within 15 minutes. 

However, Shanquella was taken out of the room and taken to the living room. Although it is unknown for now who participated in this maneuver, it is more than evident that Daejhanae Jackson, could not have moved Shanquella Robinson alone, especially when there were at least three other people in the bedroom. 

The Criminal Code of Baja California Sur, considers it a crime to move a corpse from one place to another, so it is typified as «Alteration of the place of the facts or the finding». 

Article 306 states: «Whoever intentionally alters, modifies, obstructs, changes, hides, transforms or MOVES IN ANY WAY, the indications, objects, footprints, traces, signs, fragments or CADAVERES, products of the commission of a crime, that are in the place where it was perpetrated or would have carried out its discovery». 

The penalties for this crime range from 2 to 6 years in prison. 

Now, the second crime, according to the analysis of the Mexican journalist, is that of cover-up, because Shanquella Robinson was dressed in clothes after the crime. 

As you may recall, in the video that went viral, the victim appears naked during Daejhanae Jackson’s assault. 

However, in the photograph presented by the Mexican journalist, Shanquella Robinson, appears dressed in a black shirt and pink cycling pants. 

This conduct is also considered a crime. 

«Anyone who, after the execution of a crime, ASSISTS in any way the accused person to evade the investigations of the authority or evade the action of justice. Conceals or favors the concealment of the person accused of the crime, alters, disables, destroys, removes, or makes disappear indications, instruments or other EVIDENCE of the crime», transcribes article 335. 

In this case, the simple fact of having dressed Shanquella Robinson, after the attack, is a crime with a penalty of 6 months to 3 years in prison. 



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