Wyoming, EEUU.- A new scandal of police abuse shakes the entire American Union.

This time, on January 30, Joe Frasure was shot dead by Wyoming police officers after being mistaken for a thief in the Durrell Avenue residential area.

The 28-year-old was cleaning the backyard of his recently deceased grandmother’s house with his father when the police arrived after receiving a 911 report alerting a possible robbery.

The security agents tried to justify the attack on the young man, arguing that he intended to get into the truck and escape from it.

However, body camera video of the incident proves the opposite.

When the police arrived at the site, the young man was in the truck, and after receiving the order, he raised his hands.

The young man who was the father of a child, and was expecting another with his pregnant wife, received three shots that ended up killing him a day later.

The policemen who killed the young man, according to versions of his family, are:

1.- Jordan Batts

2.- Drew Jones

The two attacking police officers were accompanied by another officer identified as Ryan Warmack. This officer was the only one who did not shoot.

The case is now under investigation by the Hamilton County District Attorney.

Joe Frasure’s funeral will be this February 10th.

Meanwhile family and friends are asking for Justice for Joe.



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