Police rob tourists in Los Cabos

Victims Dane Taylor, and his partner, Dillon Chandler, filed a complaint with the San Diego police after they returned to the United States.


Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur.- Two American tourists were allegedly assaulted last weekend by a group of agents from the Directorate of Public Safety, Municipal Police and Municipal Traffic of Los Cabos.

The above was revealed by the victims identified as the young woman, Dane Taylor, and her partner, Dillon Chandler, after having returned to the United States.

The victims filed a complaint with the San Diego Police Department of International Affairs, who appointed Detective Martha Gasca to initiate an investigation into the case.

The foreigners reported that on the day of the assault they had left a bar around 5:30 in the morning, so after heading to their hotel on foot, they were intercepted by a Los Cabos Municipal Police patrol.

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Taking advantage of the fact that there were no people in the place at the time, the agents called a stop to the tourists, arguing that they were doing a routine surveillance tour in the Golden Zone, for which they asked to raise their hands and turn their backs to carry out a body inspection search -according to them- «see if they were carrying any drugs«.

After completing the search, the police found nothing wrong, but they took the wallet from the Colorado man and the handbag from the woman from California, arguing that they were going to be confiscated and taken in custody for a routine check, because they could have drug residues.

So, they ordered the tourists to go on their way, otherwise they would be arrested for public intoxication.

After being certain that the tourists left, according to a witness in the case, one of the policemen searched the bag and took the money, when he was getting in the patrol car.

Later, he threw the bag out the window of the patrol car and left.

The witness in this case went and picked up the bag and then caught up with the tourists, explaining what had happened and requesting that they file a complaint in his country, because in Mexico, he would not do anything against the thieving policemen.

The driver’s licenses of the two tourists, two bank cards and the woman’s cell phone were found in the wallet.


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