Sexual predator lived quietly in Baja California Sur

After a year, Blake Charbonneau was detained by the Canada Border Services Agency and the US Marshals Service in La Paz.


La Paz, Baja California Sur.– Despite the fact that the Canadian government offered a reward of 50,000 dollars for information that led to his capture, Blake Charbonneau had been living peacefully for more than a year in the State Capital.

The foreigner of Canadian origin, according to the BOLO Program, was number 15 of the most wanted men since 2022, in Quebec City.

However, Blake, as he was known, came to hide in the paradise of impunity, surely he could not be recognized by the government of Mexico, and of course, Baja California Sur.

Around 30,706 foreigners live permanently or temporarily in the state, according to the 2022 census of the National Institute of Migration (INM).


Pais Cantidad
EEUU 18, 257
Canadá 3, 666
Cuba 765
Colombia 582
China 567
España 524
Italia 510
Venezuela 442
Argentina 385
Inglaterra 264
Alemania 216
Francia 215
Corea 206
Japón 23
Chile 9
Otras países 4,075
Total 30, 706

 Font: National Migration Institute

The sexual predator was one of the 3,666 Canadians currently living in the state.

However, although the National Migration Institute suspiciously never detected it, and the Municipal Police of La Paz and the State Preventive Police coincidentally never knew of its existence.

Due to the above, elements of the Canada Border Services Agency and the United States Marshals Service had to come to the state to locate and detain the sexual predator, taking him from the state of Baja California Sur, as part of the Trilateral Cooperation Program between Mexico-USA and Canada.

After being captured, Blake Charbonneau was turned over to the Toronto Fugitive Squad, and later transferred to the custody of the Quebec’s, SQ’s anti-sexual exploitation task force, the Sûreté du Québec (SQ), a team that was associated with Canada’s BOLO Program, trying to broaden the search for the dangerous sexual predator.

Officially, the foreigner had been detained for a week, but just this Monday, January 30, his capture was announced, after appearing in the Quebec court, after having been hidden for a year in Baja California Sur.

Previously, that is, a day before, the detainee would have appeared in Montreal, Canada.

The Canadian foreigner appeared in court on 31 charges in six cases, including, but not limited to, the following:

1.- Sexual assault with a weapon.

2.- Obtaining sexual services in exchange for money with minors.

3.- Aggravated sexual assault.

4.- Sexual interference.

5.- Pimping.

The dangerous predator, according to data collected by MetropoliMx in Canada, would have caused physical damage to its victims with bladed weapons during sexual assaults.

You can read:

The attacks would have occurred from June 2011 to December 2021 in some parts of the province of Quebec, such as Saguenay and Terrebone.

The Crown of Great Britain, set its position on the case of Blake Charbonneau and opposed his release, awaiting his main hearing, scheduled for February 7.

In that period, the court prohibited the Canadian from contacting 11 more people who could be linked in the case.


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