US tourists intoxicated by alleged consumption of fentanyl in Los Cabos

One of the intoxicated foreigners revealed that "they had consumed a substance." It was learned, later, that it was the “deadly drug” that was obtained in Los Cabos.


San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur.– The intoxication of a group of nine foreigners was reported this morning in the community of La Playita, located in this Los Cabos municipal capital, according to the first investigations, the tourists consumed a substance known as fentanyl.

The foregoing, according to the medical diagnosis, prepared by the clinics where the tourists from the United States were admitted.

Several of them were diagnosed with the following symptoms:

1.- Contracted pupils

2.- Slow or weak breathing

3.- Choking sounds

4.- Flabby body.

Originally, according to the internal report of the Directorate of Public Security, Preventive Police and Municipal Traffic of Los Cabos, the tourists would have presented the intoxication, after supposedly having breakfast.

However, after being treated and rushed to the nearest clinics, one of them acknowledged that «they had consumed a substance.»

Later it was learned that the substance consumed was fentanyl, according to one of the foreigners, «they bought lo it in San José del Cabo.»

The American tourists were treated by paramedics who arrived aboard the M-42, A-619 and C-1 ambulances. Derived from the critical situation of foreigners, all were transferred to clinics, where they are currently hospitalized in a serious state of health.

The case of foreign tourists intoxicated with fentanyl is treated with the most complete secrecy by the Government of Baja California Sur.

The names of the people and ages are not yet revealed by any authority.

Officially, they remained silent, until the end of the investigation initiated by the State Attorney General’s Office (PGJE).



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