American “Spring breaker” suffers brain hemorrhage in Los Cabos.

University of Georgia student Liza Burke the complained of a headache, and after going to sleep, they couldn't wake her up.


Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur.– The University of Georgia student, Liza Burke, suffered a stroke while enjoying the Spring Breakers season in this tourist destination.

The case was reported by her friend Jeniffer Ritter, after launching a GoFundMe campaign, requesting the solidarity of Americans to finance the transportation of her flight from Los Cabos, Mexico to Jacksonville, Florida, where she would be admitted to a hospital for be able to receive specialized medical attention.

It all started on March 10, when the young American woke up feeling great.

During breakfast she complained of a headache and went back to her room to rest.

However, the young woman fell asleep, so her friends – after seeing that she did not wake up for hours – had to call a doctor.

The young woman was immediately rushed to a hospital, where she was diagnosed with an arteriovenous malformation (AVM), which likely would have caused a brain hemorrhage.

In such a way that after the case was reported to her family, the decision was made to transfer her to the United States, for which a fundraising campaign was started to finance the trip, providing the best possible medical treatment and achieving her full recovery.


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