FBI opens investigation into Shanquella femicide in Los Cabos 

United States federal agents are investigating the mystery surrounding the violent femicide of the young Shanquella Robinson.


San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur.- A group of agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, known by its acronym as FBI, from the field office in Chalotte, North Carolina, arrived this weekend at the municipal office in Los Cabos. 

United States federal agents are investigating the mystery surrounding the violent femicide of the young Shanquella Robinson, affectionately known as «Quella«, which occurred  on October 29th, inside a room located at 32 Villa Linda street in the complex Cabo Villas, owned by the Puerto Los Cabos development. 

The murder of the 25-year-old girl attracted the attention of the United States government, after the family of the victim, originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, exposed their disagreement with the contradictory information between the medical opinion and the autopsy of the death of their daughter in Mexico. 

Originally, the Government of Mexico, after handing over the body of Shanquella Robinson, reported that she had died of «alcohol poisoning   

However, the death certificate determined that the young woman had died from «a severe spinal cord injury and dislocation of the atlas,” that is, a break in the first two neck vertebrates. 

Here you can read the news of Shanquella’s deathhttps://metropolimx.com/a-young-successful-foreign-woman-is-beaten-to-death-in-puerto-los-cabos/

The FBI investigation practically began after a viral video was released, where you can see how and in what way the young American was attacked by her friend Daejhanae Jackson, inside the room of the tourist complex. 

The attack was being filmed by another of her friends, identified as Khali Cooke, where the 25-year-old male can be heard mockingly, «Quella, you can at least defend yourself.« 

«It was never a fight, she did not fight,» refuted the mother of the victim Sallamondra Robinson, assuring that she «was attacked 

The day before she was murdered, the young woman from Charlotte had arrived in Los Cabos, happy, she was on vacation, accompanied by a group of six friends.   

«I looked at some photos of her from her posts and she was really having a good time and I don’t know when it all started to go wrong,» her mother recounted.   

Shanquella Robinson’s fellow travelers called her mother to inform her that Shanquella, was not feeling well and she had had alcohol poisoning.   

«The people who were with her told different stories,» her mother said, explaining that later they called again, only to report that her daughter had died. 

After the death of the young woman, the friends managed to leave Mexico, they disappeared from the face of the earth, after not being detained by the Los Cabos Municipal Police, in an act of evident impunity.

When they arrived in North Carolina, they all lied about what happened in Cabo and  quickly stopped responding to messages and calls from the victim’s mother or her relatives.   

The young woman murdered, graduated in 2019, from Winston-Salem State University. She was a children’s hair braider and ran a women’s boutique business called «Exquisite Boutique. 

The friends involved in this high-profile case were identified as: 

1.- Wenter Essece Donovan 

2.- Khali Cooke 

3.- Alysse Hyatt 

4.- Malik Dyer 

5.- Daejhanae Jackson 

6.- Nazeer Wiggins 

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